Project: Indorama multi-purpose terminal(port facilities)
Client: OIPL
Value: $105 Million
Consultant : Khatib & Alami


This is a contract for design, construction, and commissioning of a large new port terminal for export of urea and the transport of containers and other break-bulk material, with full terminal infrastructure.

This project consists of a multi-purpose jetty, facilities for truck unloading, material handling, storage and ship loading equipment for urea, the break-bulk warehouse, container storage yard, administration buildings, and a multitude of service buildings for the terminal activities.

Scope of Work

  • Installation of pumping station; 1500m3/hr, 60m head
  • Installation of transmission mains – 1km HDPE PN10, Dia, 300mm. portable water main lines
  • Installation of 4.2 Km DI PN 16 firefighting mainlines
  • Installation of 8.3 km low extension cables
  • Installation of 3 generator systems 1500 KVA continuous rating + 2 transformers
  • Installation of 12 power panelboards
  • Installation of Distribution lines – 220km uPVC pipes, Dia. 100mm above
  • Installation of  two 1650m3 concrete elevated water tank
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